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Friday, July 30, 2010

I know that I've been given more than beyond measure;

WELLLLLLLLL. As most of you reading this already (or should) know, I recently attended the National Youth Gathering in New Orleans. It was AMAZING, to say the least. I met a lot of awesome people, saw a lot of intense things, did a servant event (what a humbling experience that was), and I definitely strengthened my relationship with our Lord & Savior! The NYG happens every three years, and I was fortunate enough to go twice :). God did work in New Orleans! It was such a phenomenal feeling knowing that all 25,000 people there were there for the same reasons as I was. AH! ....There is so much to tell you guys and for that reason, I won't tell you everything via blogspot....so if ya reallllly wanna know, you can just ask me :D! ...............but I will tell you that I got Jordan Messer's (the drummer for Stellar Kart) drum stick!!!! I. WAS. SPEECHLESS!!!!!

*Going to our servant event; helping paint a classroom for a school that wasn't in very good condition. It was a very satisfying feeling to know that painting just one classroom made a huge impact for the school. They were so thankful to have people help and complete any tasks they were given! With school starting in only two weeks and desks EVERYWHERE, God managed to provide and school will open the first week of August (after being condemned for years!) Thank You God for sending us to that school. Your will was definitely done!
MOVING ON..........................

On July 24, 2010 Fischer Michael Snipes made an early arrival! *4lbs, 12 oz and 17.5 inches long!!!* HE'S PERFECT!!!!

Although, we weren't as prepared as we would have liked to been , Fischer had other plans. He was six weeks early....which, obviously, is not good :(. He was in the NICU :( but he was such a trooper and got better everyday!! ....and the good news was his daddy got to come home for his big debut :)!!! WHAT A FREAKING BLESSING FOR THAT FAMILY. They got to be together as a family and celebrate Fischer's first few days of life! Granted, he was in the NICU for a few weeks, but like I said, he's a trooper. I love him soooooo much and I can't wait to meet him and looooove on him! Man, he's going to be soooo spoiled :). and last but not least, here are the three PROUD siblings......

There is a lot more to say, but it's getting kind of late and I am soooo tired & sleep deprived....not cool. I need.love.want my sleep! ....I'm sorry this blog was kind of not proper and such, buuut I'm not in the blogging mood. I just had to give you the basics of what's been going on in my fun filled, never boring, life :).

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

First off, for those of you who don't know me, you should know, I love surprises!!! Well, a few weeks before I left the Lone Star State, a. dream. came. true-a big thank you to Kim English & Lynn Muxworthy!! AAAANYWAAAAYS, it was after the athletic banquet and as usual, I had no plans.....sad, right?! I had asked a few people to hang out, but they ALL said no. But, me being the oblivious little gal I am, I thought nothing of it. I went into the gym to meet with my squad for one last gathering :(. We opened previous time capsules and such. AAAAH, the memories! After laughs were shared and tears were shed, I was told that my dad was taking my car and mom had already left...WHAT THE HECK?! I felt like a real loser at this point. I was carless aaaaand planless. WHAT A GREAT WAY TO END YOUR SENIOR YEAR! Thankfully, Alex English offered me a ride home. She asked if I would like to go over to the Cathey's house for s'mores. HECK YEAH! I was a little bummed that I had not been invited, I mean, I went to s'mores with the same people EVERY WEEKEND. whatevs. We stopped at her house to let her and Caitlyn change. Caitlyn got changed rather quickly, which only meant one thing, dance party in the driveway :). After a good fifteen minutes of dancing outside, Alexandra came outside. I wasn't going to say anything, because you do not want to get on her bad side. I kept my mouth shut, because I knew s'mores were just moments away. We stopped at my house to let me change. I threw on my Donut Shop t-shirt, some grey soffee's, and grabbed a jacket on my way out. We started driving off and AWAY from the Cathey's house (which was only a block away!!!!!) I asked Alex where we were having s'mores and she replied with "uh, I don't know anymore....nobody was answering their phones....." HMMMMM. So I tried texting people; no luck. What the heck is going on?! EVERYBODY HAS PLANS, but me....and Alex & Caitlyn. I still had no idea what was going on. Alex cruised the neighborhood and then got a call; hardly anything was said and BAM she turned around and we were then on our way to Sonic. Well, that was nice and all, but I just wanted those dang s'mores!! We ordered, paid, and left. THANKS ALEX for the drink, I owe ya :). We drove back the way we were and pulled into David's Supermarket parking lot...no sign of s'mores there.....then Keaton pulled up. He said he had a graduation gift for me but wouldn't be in town the next week so I must receive it today; right away. I agreed and he took me to his truck and blindfolded me. He said it was my present. I could always use a new bandana! He told me (kind of rudely) to get into his truck, but he was a lot bigger than I was, so I didn't fight him on that one. I got in the truck and yelled for Alex to grab my drink. Caitlyn and Alex hopped in the truck and off to Narnia we went. I started to think 'this is odd. carpooling to our friend's house....' We drove around for what felt like F O R E V E R, when they explained to me that we were going to our good friend Cara's house out towards Hico. Caitlyn and I danced our little hearts out in the backseat while Alex messed with the radio. After a good ten-fifteen minutes of driving, we stopped. FINALLY! Keaton, being the gentleman he was, helped me out of the truck and lead me to 'the fire!'
Here is where my night got super interesting.
I felt fire and freaked out! (I am terrified of them!) He said it was okay and to trust him. I said a few choice words (SORRY) *and apparently when the words slipped, so did the laughter from others, but I did not hear that!* and stopped following him. I THREW A FIT! I honestly thought I was going to be thrown in the fire...it's awful, isn't it? They finally sat me down, when Keaton asked me the most awkward question ever,

"who is the hottest guy at our school?"

me: "uh, what kind of question is that? I don't know!"

(but of course several names came to mind....)

Keaton: "yeah you do. come on, tell me."

me: "no, I won't answer that. I REFUSE!"

......after about two more times of asking, HE GAVE UP and took off my blindfold.


****Sooooo many things popped into my head at that time, liiiiiike, 'why did he ask me that?' 'THIS IS A SURPRISE PARTY, for me!!!!' 'are we going to have s'mores?' 'OMG!'

I can not describe how freaking awesome it was to see all of the people I care about at a party...for me! I AM BEYOND BLESSED! (although, some people couldn't make it :( or had no idea about it; my apologies!) After being hugged from all 37043824 people that attended, my mother showed me something even better than s'mores, A COOKIE CAKE. (Thanks Leanne Jackson!) Oh, and did I mention I got a crown & a boa?!

I was seriously on cloud nine!

I know that was a lot to read, but I just had to share! I would be jealous if I were you :). Thanks again to everybody, I love you!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

I forgot to mention.

I'll try my very best to update this pretty faithfully, but I can't make any promises! I have a life ya know ;). Well, that was a small fib, but anyways, I will try and take the time every few days to blog about what's going on or what's not going on. I really hope I don't run out of things to say...just kidding, like that would ever happen :). I hope everyone has a safe and FUN Fourth of July!!!!!!!

........all this talk about Fourth of July makes me want a hot dog.

First of many.....

Okay...so where to begin?

Well, I'll start off by saying blogging better 'relax' me, as I have heard it does....Moving on....California is just plain AWESOME!!! Everybody should visit here, AT LEAST ONCE, in their lifetime. I mean, it's so b e a u t i f u l. And the beach isn't nasty like some beaches in Texas. I mean, I know there are some nasty beaches around here somewhere, but hopefully I'll never have to see them. The sunset is absolutely stunning! I totally understand if you guys are jealous, it's really okay :). All this talk about Californ-i-a makes me miss my home; TEXAS!

but I'll be there in three weeks. CAN'T WAIT!
P.S. The picture was taken off of my phone. UNEDITED. Pretty good quality huh?