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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ocean breeze & acoustic music.

Holy smokes! I have totally broken my "promise" that I made. I have not kept up with my blog. Well, it's not like anything too interesting has happened. Let's see, I went to New Orleans, came back and enjoyed my short time in the BEST STATE EVER, then came back to spoil mister Fischer, celebrate Cooper's NINE years of life, and simply hang out with the Snipes' family :). Other than that, nothing has happened. OH YEAH, my grandma came out here to visit for a few days; she's awesome!....Well, I am currently job searching. NOT. FUN. AT. ALL! I need a job until January or else I'll be BROKE as a JOKE. (Which, I don't get that saying, because jokes are funny....but, being broke isn't funny....) I have TOMS shoes to buy and I don't get any closer to buying them if I'm job-less...oh, and I'm also saving up for a car. WOO! ....I wonder how much chauffeurs cost....California driving is INTENSE! And I thought Waco was bad, HA!! I hope I get a job I'll enjoy and isn't TOO much labor ;). Well, now you're all caught up. I'll end this blog with pictures from Cooper's birthday! :).