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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Top Ten Reasons;

Lately, I have been MAJORLY homesick. (Sad story, really.) Anyways, today I have been looking on the P O S I T I V E side, and thinking of reasons why I LIKE it here...and in all honesty, I couldn't even think of ten reasons at first, but I managed to think of seven more, so here they are...WAIT, living with the Snipes' clan is my FAVORITE thing about being in Californ-i-a, but that's implied :), now where were we...oh yeah....

1. I live on a Marine base. :).
2. I love my church. God is great!
3. You can see the beach from my window.
4. I am that much closer to meeting Nicholas Jerry Jonas.
5. Katy Perry says I'm unforgettable.
6. I am an hour away from Sea World, L.A., Disneyland, and Knotts berry Farm.
7. I-hop is right down the road.
8. When I open my window, I feel the nice ocean breeze.
9. The Subway in wal-mart has LAYS salt&vinegar chips! BOOYAH!
10. My address is 1-2-3 Shapley Way. It's easy to remember.

*this picture is so 2009, but you get the point.